Hi, PL/SQL Developer!

We are software developer from Russia.

Our main website on russian language is PLSQL.RU

The website administrator want to find interesting examples on PL/SQL and share it on this website.

This website use Jekyll technologies. Than mean what all source codes are stored in repository on github.

You could download and run source codes on you local mashine. (If it would be interesting to someone, i will write instruction.)

I hope you will agree to share your knowledge or materials on this website would be helpful for you.

Free online video courses from Oracle about SQL and PL/SQL on english

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL video courses

If you looking for Oracle ADF Developers for project

Now We are working on Oracle ADF Project (SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JSF, JavaScript).

And looking job as software developers team. If you are will looking for job oracle adf developers, please send email to us.

For Examples, Oracle ADF applications can be like this:

More information about Oracle ADF Development, you can find on our site for development Oracle ADF application.


Sorry for my terrible english.
My native language is C++